Posted on October 20, 2010

Infinite Possibilities


And now for a post outside the design world, but I have to share! At the end of September Mike Dooley [writer] was holding a contest on facebook/twitter. I was one of the winners, and I got his book Infinite Possibilities newly in paperback autographed and sent to me. I was and I still am very excited. I just received my book about a week ago, and although I have not started reading I am very excited to. (I’m still in the middle of another book). Mr. Dooley was also one of the writers from The Secret and also has his own line of books, dvds and even a fun website. I wake up to a “note from the universe” every day, thanks to him. Definitely worth checking out, and if you enjoy learning about the law of attraction like I do, his books are not only informing but he makes it fun. WOOHOO! 🙂

“Room Service? Hi. It’s me again, Christie. That’s right, in the Penthouse Suite. If you wouldn’t mind, could we please have another round of desserts, some more wood on the fire, and, uh, some new springs for the trampoline?” – Notes from the Universe

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