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Posted on October 30, 2011

roy lichtenstein photoshop brushes

Design/ Technology

Today I added a set of model brushes and Roy Lichtenstein brushes for photoshop in the goodies section. They work in CS4 but I can’t confirm higher versions – you can give it a try! Looking to make more brushes and scans soon. The weather here in NY is horrible this weekend… and I’m very disappointed because I was looking forward to this halloween weekend!

Posted on May 1, 2011

What to paint?


A few weeks ago I bought a canvas and new paint brushes. Its been about a year since I’ve painted anything. Now what to paint??? I can’t seem to figure out what I want to do. I seem to have the same problem when I may layouts for myself >.< go figure. I looked to etsy for some inspiration. Although some aren't paintings, they are still inspiring to me. I see it as creative caffeine! What do you think I should paint? I have a whole naked wall in our apartment... I need to fill it up! I was thinking of something more pop-art, or even abstract. Too much real-ness makes me nuts. I like looking at it, but doing it? Thats a different story. Some Etsy art that inspires me...

24x30 female nude original abstract oil painting by Aja
by @sagittariusgallery on Etsy

by @AlisaPaints on Etsy

by @AHgraFX on Etsy

by @LostWonderland on Etsy

by @Velvet Morning on Etsy

Posted on October 14, 2010

Halloween Vectors & Brushes


TWO WEEKS til Halloween, have you picked out your costume yet? I’m still undecided but I have two parties to go to that weekend, so I may end up being two different things! haha 🙂 I found some more Halloween photoshop brushes and vectors for you to download from all over. Please be sure to read the artist’s terms for each download, before you use them. If you have an awesome Halloween layout for your website, show me, so I can share it here 🙂

Evil creatures – reminds me of shadows on the wall

Eyeballs and Arms vectors

Gargoyle Brushes

Halloween images – photoshop brushes

More Halloween photoshop brushes

Cute Halloween vector

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