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Posted on November 5, 2010

1 photo 4 filters 5 wallpapers


Fall has always been my favorite season, although flip flops and sunshine is so much fun in the summer, I’ve always felt fall is the more creative season. With the leaves changing colors, and the sun setting earlier, bundling up in layers and wearing Uggs! But even lately more and more I’ve loved to just even look at trees and leaves. Trees, even without leaves are awesome. The way the branches flow out each in their own individual way. Leaves each have their own unique patterns too, and seeing them up close is even more amazing. One rainy day in the car there were a few leaves stuck to the passenger window while driving (my mom was driving, I do not photograph and drive!). I usually always have my Canon PowerShot handy in my bag, I decided to snap some shots. I took quite a few pictures and even my mom noted how much I was entertaining myself just by taking photos of a leaf stuck to the window. From that I decided to create some wallpapers. I edited the original 4 separate times, using 4 filters. So simple yet each photo now has a different mood and feel to it. Of course if you are a fellow designer you probably are familiar with these filters, but I figured I’d share with everyone. You can download and use all these wallpapers here.






Posted on September 14, 2010

Fun with type


These are some typefaces/fonts that I downloaded recently. Possibly you may want to download them, I usually use but if you can’t find them there, google may help. ROSEWOOD has of course been around for a while… but I just can’t seem to get sick of it. “Insaniburger with cheese” Is actually supposed to be the Burger King font I believe, but it’s actually a very nice font. I love the way the ends are curved rather than just cut off.

Do you have a favorite font? Tell me what it is!

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