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Posted on October 30, 2011

roy lichtenstein photoshop brushes

Design/ Technology

Today I added a set of model brushes and Roy Lichtenstein brushes for photoshop in the goodies section. They work in CS4 but I can’t confirm higher versions – you can give it a try! Looking to make more brushes and scans soon. The weather here in NY is horrible this weekend… and I’m very disappointed because I was looking forward to this halloween weekend!

Posted on October 9, 2011

birthday wishlisted


My birthday is next month and my mom keeps asking “what do you want? send me your wishlist!”. This has got to be the first year where I have no idea. I have a few things I could USE but nothing I am super excited for… does that make sense? Can they invent something I want before my birthday please? These are some things I had in mind:

I really could use a bigger camera bag to hold my extra lenses too…

These photoshop magnets are just great, especially considering I am using it most of my day

I did want to get a macro lens for my lensbaby… hmmm!

Any other cool things I should know about for my wishlist?? Let me know! 🙂

Posted on January 26, 2011

Evolution of my Psycho poster


A week or so ago I was looking through my BFA folder from college. Of course I’ve discussed them many times in the past – my horror movie posters. This time when I looked at my Psycho poster I realized I saved it each time I made drastic changes. So I wanted to share the “Evolution of my Psycho Poster”. I had started it in Photoshop and then brought it into illustrator to add text and grunge effects. I had drawn the eye in photoshop using my wacom tablet. It took me quite a long time to get to the final one. Hours and hours of work, only because at the time I was not set on a “style”. While making this specific poster it hit me to do them all in a grunge/stressed style. I wanted to do them all a similar way I just could not find how to make them look like a series. Took me 2-3 months to figured it out. It was a really stressful experience but once I figured out my style, every poster I designed after that it wasn’t as hard or time consuming. I was able to focus more on actually creating than wondering what style it would be. It ended up working out really well, because all my professors were very pleased. Especially since I had thought of this thesis so last minute. All my posters were 27 x 39inches, thankfully I have a MBP so it only took a minute or two to save these big files! I don’t think windows+photoshop could handle it ;]. Here is the progress of my poster – originally created last February 2010.

Posted on January 23, 2011

Artist of the week – Sam Abdallah


Now for another artist of the week from New Jersey! My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw this series of photos he had done. I love crazy ideas like this one! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. This series is titled “Some Assembly Required” by Sam Abdallah. It is a project he has been working on for 3 years. Visit to see more from this collection. Now for a little bit of information from Mr. Abdallah himself:

The Idea came about because I used to work with a photographer who treated their models really poorly, he would constantly go up to them and grab them and say thing like “this one needs new arms they are too lanky” or “this one needs a prettier face”. He would treat them like object and the models would LET him do it, to the point where it looked like they were losing their personalities.

So i thought to myself “how could I show the way this guy is treating his models in such a way where its interesting and different” , I then remembered how back in college I did a project in which I had to represent one of the 7 deadly sins which was “vanity” and I did a photo in which the woman in it had removed her head to apply makeup and thought that it would be a perfect way to represent what I was going for.

So now by showing the models with their heads/parts detached from the rest of them it shows how their parts are nothing more than clothing accessories that they could just change to suit their feelings. It also has some more hidden meanings behind it, showing how vain our society has become.

I wanted the photos to be in such a way where its comical but eye popping so that it captures the viewers attention and keeps them looking. I am almost done with the series, I have 75 different photos with various models so far, but am looking to get to about 100-150 photos with different models

More about the artist:
Sameh Abdalalh is a Graphic Designer/Photographer. He has been a designer for about 5 years professionally and a Photographer for about 7 years professionally. He graduated from William Paterson University with a BFA and a concentration in computer graphics. He worked for about 3 years as a product designer/ graphic designer for two companies, Springfield Precision Instruments and Taylor Precision Products/HoMedics. Currently he is searching for employment while working on his projects and photography in his spare time. Visit to see more of his work.

Posted on November 11, 2010

wedding photo collage


This September I attended my friends’ wedding. Sad they are leaving to move to Boston, I decide to make a collage for them of photos I took at their wedding. It was a beautiful September day and I took well over 100 photos. The last photo is a part of their table where they sat during the reception. Was set up with all the bridesmaids’ flower bouquets and some candles.

Photos used:

Posted on October 14, 2010

Halloween Vectors & Brushes


TWO WEEKS til Halloween, have you picked out your costume yet? I’m still undecided but I have two parties to go to that weekend, so I may end up being two different things! haha 🙂 I found some more Halloween photoshop brushes and vectors for you to download from all over. Please be sure to read the artist’s terms for each download, before you use them. If you have an awesome Halloween layout for your website, show me, so I can share it here 🙂

Evil creatures – reminds me of shadows on the wall

Eyeballs and Arms vectors

Gargoyle Brushes

Halloween images – photoshop brushes

More Halloween photoshop brushes

Cute Halloween vector

Posted on October 10, 2010

Frankenstein and Wax


From my collection of old Horror Movie Posters I re-created, I made some wallpapers to share in celebration of Halloween. Both have a grungey worn style, which was consistent with all the posters I did. I truly enjoyed that project, and rather than just have it sit in a file folder on my mac, I figured I’d share! A Frankenstein wallpaper and The Mystery of the Wax Museum wallpaper. Feel free to download and use as you like, but please give credit. Although I still don’t know what I’m going to be for Halloween, hopefully these can inspire you in some way. Please let me know your thoughts on these 🙂 Still have many more horror posts to come…

Posted on March 7, 2010

dragonfly II

Art/ Design

Before I start my actual blog – I’d like to start off and say I am looking for other bloggers/artists that are interested in exchanging links. I’ll link you under blogroll/artists If you are interested please email me
Remember that digital drawing of a dragonfly I drew last semester? Well it turned out pretty nice, because I added a different touch to it. I put the drawing in layers. An idea I had for quite some time and never had a project I could use it on. Since I have sooo much STUFF being the semi-hoarder than I am and not enough closet space, I decided to sell it on Etsy. The pictures don’t really show very well the depth the drawing has since it is layered. The top layer is the outlines, the middle is the color, and the back is the background. The glass in the frame is not hugging the image so it makes it even better. I’m still proud of this project, and hoping to find it a home! It will be up on Etsy for the next few months.




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