Posted on June 26, 2015

Custom Die Cut Stickers from Sticker Mule

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A hundred years ago on DribbbleSticker Mule was giving away die cut stickers! I said hec, why not? I submitted and in a few short weeks I had some fun dribbble-themed stickers. They were much nicer than I anticipated. Die-cut stickers were not a design I had attempted yet, but I knew one day I would. I waited for the  right occasion and reason – as I already have way more personal postcards and business cards than a designer should. (Obsessive much? Yes!)

Last year when I tagged along on my husband’s business trip to Anaheim I planned to trek around Disneyland myself.


I will say I had the best time ever. You can even read my review on yelp about that.

If you don’t know already I have a blog where I share my findings of #ArielStuff. The Little Mermaid to be exact. I have a few thousand followers between Tumblr and Instagram. Being that I already knew many people that post from Disneyland I thought why not give something out to promote my site while I’m there? That’s when I remembered those awesome Sticker Mule sticker samples I had. This was finally my excuse to design something and order my own custom die cut stickers!



The template was really easy for me to use since I am so familiar with Photoshop (duh). What I didn’t realize is you cannot cut anything in the middle, only around. Which was fine, and the Sticker Mule expert helped me out and made a perfect outline for me.  This was my outline:


The thing that got me about these stickers is the quality- they certainly don’t feel like cheap stickers and I really appreciate the satin-like finish. To me, glossy stickers are cheesy and these are not glossy whatsoever.  Apparently they do not fade in the sun and it’s been a year since I ordered mine and they haven’t faded at all. Sticker Mule is also super awesome because they send you a little note to tell you who packaged your item, giving it a more personal touch!

Little Mermaid Stickers

My stickers were certainly a success in Disneyland and I handed some out and made a few Disney friends (Only Disney people will understand that!!!). I have also gotten a few requests for them on my fan site and have mailed them out just because.  If you’re looking for a custom sticker design contact me and we can work on that together.  I could always use another excuse to design a sticker!

StickerMule allowed me to add my design to the MarketPlace so I gave it a try!  You can go here to buy an Ariel Freak sticker from them!

This is not a sponsored post… this post is from my own experience that I wanted to share. I was not compensated for this review and I truly love Sticker Mule stickers! 

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