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Hi there. You probably realize by now that you’ve reached another blog, but blogs these days are the most common outlet for anyone. I could tell you my blog is extra special but really it’s just a combination of my crazy thoughts and interests. My name is Christie and I’m a newly wed living with my husband, Bryan, in New Jersey right outside NYC. I’m a full time web designer, social media enthusiast, aspiring jewelry designer. I’m also a huge Disney nerd and believer in the law of attraction.


My blog started out in 2008 as my “creative” outlet but it has added many directions since then.  It’s mainly because I myself have grown and found many more passions.  Art, design, makeup, technology are all things I love… I try really hard to allow myself to do things that do not rely solely on the internet. I started making handmade jewelry to disconnect myself sometimes.  The biggest question I ask myself often is “If the electricity went out right now… what could I be doing?”. It helps me keep a balance in my life since I do spend a majority of my time on the computer.

In 2012 I started a mini-blog of Ariel findings. I have been a Little Mermaid fan for a long time. I began to have a sense of guilt with my addiction so I decided to start blogging about it.  Well 3 years and over 3k followers later I’m still going.  It’s been fun and it’s actually taught me a lot about social media and marketing.



A big believer in the law-of-attraction I am still learning my way through that. Any time I am feeling down I read some quotes or some articles over at Tiny Buddha. If you are just getting started yourself I suggest reading Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley and even the book The Secret if you haven’t already. I created a tumblr blog on some of my favorite law of attraction quotes I’ve found.

That’s all for now if you’d like to chat please email me.

See also christieschneider.com www.christiedwyer.com – my portfolio

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