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Posted on March 24, 2013

New post earrings listed

Handmade/ Jewelry/ Shopping

I added four items to my shop this weekend…  I have some other earrings on the way that are a lot different from what I’ve already posted in my shop.   I’ve been experimenting with many different things, and I have a lot more I want to try!  But I told myself I really shouldn’t buy any more supplies until I have my first sale.  I’ve sold some work in the past, but I have yet to sell a pair of my earrings.  I also take custom orders for these post earrings so if you have something in mind just contact me.

Silver Glass Glitter Post Earring

Bright Green Glitter Post Earrings

Pink versus Purple Sterling Silver Post Earrings

Mismatching Earrings

Posted on February 24, 2013

Instagram Photo Necklace

Handmade/ Jewelry

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Being that I am in such a crafty mode and spending a lot of time on Instagram I thought why not mix the two together? Of course I’m sure I’m not the first to think of this but I wanted to try it out anyway. I printed some of my own favorites of my Instagram pictures and obtained some nice square pendants. And I made my own Instagram photo on a necklace!

Of course I can’t share ALL my secrets… but these are squares smaller than an inch 18mm to be exact. I felt that an inch square was too big I don’t like bulky things on my neck so I went with this slightly smaller size. They seemed to have worked nicely and now I am selling them in my etsy shop! You can send me your own photo and I will create one with any Instagram picture you’d like. Don’t have Instagram? Thats okay too! I can create this using any photo as long as it can fit in a square nicely. If you are not sure you can always contact me and ask!

To celebrate my shop’s recent opening and these new instagram necklaces use coupon code BLOG15 for 15% off in my etsy shop!

Instagram Photo Necklace

Necklace with Instagram Picture

Instagram necklaces

Posted on February 18, 2013

Grand Opening of Circles and Spades

Handmade/ Jewelry

As I mentioned in an earlier post I had been working on a project behind the scenes. That project was my own jewelry designs and opening my own etsy shop! Since circles and spades are my favorite shape I thought it would make an interesting name for the shop and brand. I am also selling some old records from my parent’s collection – another circle in life! Right now I have about 20 designs and currently 15 are listed. These are some of the circle post earrings I have for sale in the shop:





Posted on August 10, 2012

Camera Earrings


I’ve admired Lauren Conrad’s collection at Kohls for quite some time now, I’ve managed to get myself a few pieces of clothing but most of all… jewelry! Her jewelry line is not too girly and not too boring. I absolutely love it. I bought my self a pair of these flower earrings and I plan on getting myself these camera earrings as well! Some of the jewelry reminds me of things my great aunts would wear when I was younger… jewelry dating back to probably the 50s! I’m really glad history repeats itself… this is one reason why!

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