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These “Goodies” link to my deviantart page where you can download the files 🙂

Magazine Cut Outs Scans

  • Collage Lady (made by me)
  • Random Scans & Cut outs
  • girls R mean
  • Playing Cards

  • Vintage Magazine Scans

    Photoshop Brushes and Icons

    hand drawn icons set 1

    Some great sites worth checking out 🙂

  • – A live online radio show every Wednesday night. John is hilarious and the stories he tells are even better. While you’re sitting there on your computer checking Facebook and tweeting you can listen in on this show. Join the chat room or even send in some song requests. You won’t regret it and you’ll keep coming back for more.
  • – Tumblr blog I created for The Little Mermaid. I’ve been an obsessed fan since I was a tween. By the time I finished high school my name was Princess Ariel. Here I show off my collection of Ariel stuff… or yours if you send it to me 🙂
  • – Group Astrology blog I’ve made with some of my good friends who also have a love for Astrology. Our content and tweets consist of mainly Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) but we also blog about the rest of the Zodiac! How could we not? There’s just so much to talk about.
  • Some fun design related websites

  • – awesome design blog
  • – lots of design freebies
  • – illustrator help site
  • – design resources and tutorials
  • – I love their comics of the week!
  • – great tutorials and more
  • – I’ve always loved this guy’s smilies/li>
  • – great design blog
  • – post your design resume on zerply!
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