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Artist and other Blogs

Since I am blogger and a big blog and art lover I am offering free sponsor spots for other bloggers as well as artists. Artists are featured as a full blog entry and blogs are linked by a button of their choice in the sidebar. In return I ask that you link back to girloncanvas.com but it is not required.

Etsy Shop or Craft Store Sponsors

I am also able to feature others such Etsy shops or other handmade/crafts. It is just $10 to blog about your shop or item and $5 to link you on a button in the sidebar. Small businesses and other interesting sites are welcome as well. PayPal is accepted please send it to [email protected] after you have submitted the form below. The button sizes are 185 x 75, you can send a URL of it or email it to me at that address as an attachment. I will email you back as soon as I post your button or if I have questions about your entry.

Sponsor a Blog Entry

For those sponsors other than bloggers, artists or Etsy I will blog about your company or product starting at $20. This includes two links within the entry and me writing about your product or company in 200-500 words. Each additional link in your entry is $5 per link. You can provide images for this entry if you like but it is not required. PayPal is accepted please send it to [email protected].

All blog entries will remain posted for the life of www.girloncanvas.com. The buttons in the sidebar are changed each month.

Please contact me through this form if you are interested in sponsoring girloncanvas.com

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