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Posted on November 1, 2010

Jail Bird LiLo and Stickers


I always try to be creative for Halloween, rather than just getting a store-bought costume. I had such a hard time thinking of something I really desired to be. My friend John had suggested I be LiLo in a jail outfit. After searching and searching for a costume/idea I figured John’s idea is after all funny and creative. I use my handy photoshop skills (which wasn’t much) to create a fake sign that they hold up for a mugshot, and had it around my neck. Printed it and laminated it, punched 2 holes and bam! I was jail bird Lindsay Lohan. I went to a party at this bar/restaurant nearby, I got a lot of laughs for this costume! Everyone was like “wow what I good idea”. I also put powder on my feet… do you remember when LiLo put powder on her feet? She really was an awesome actress to see on screen… it makes me sad to see her go down hill SERIOUSLY. It bothers me when people with talent deep down just throw it all away.. and for what? Some tabloid attention and a quick high? Lame. Well, anyway back to reality! I wanted to thank Angie for my little gifts she sent me. She was having a poetry contest over at her site and I ended up being the only one to enter. But she sent me some stickers and fun jewelry! I swear she must be psychic, not only am I a sticker freak, but I love skulls. So the hot pink bead bracelet with a skull charm was just the icing on the cake. Thank you Angie 😀 I hope she will decide to have another poetry contest again someday, because I will definitely enter it.

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