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Posted on January 30, 2012

What to paint part 2


This entry is a sequel to a previous entry I had written – What to paint?

I enjoy painting very much but sometimes its hard to know what to paint or where to start. Some questions you might want to ask yourself, and you may find yourself coming to a conclusion of what you want to paint.

Do you have a style? Realistic or abstract?
Do you like bright colors or dark colors?
High contrast or faded?
Do you have a palette of colors you’d like to use?
How big do you think you want the painting to be?

Do you have things that you enjoy seeing visually? Write them down.

For example, I love trees, stars, circles, letters, ampersands and mermaids

If I wanted to I could google any of those things and possibly come across something that inspires me. If you’re photoshop savvy you could manipulate an image and then paint it.

However, some might like to work from memory, and not have something to look at while painting. You could visit sites like tumblr and search keywords such as “art” “painting” or “creative” and let it inspire you. This is a great exercise just to get the creative juices flowing… especially if you do not have anything particular in mind.

I had done a painting of a bare tree recently, I think trees without leaves are beautiful! But I feel as though bare trees are always seen in the dim winter, with snow on the ground and cloudy skies. I do not feel that many can see this beauty, so I made my painting with lots of a color and a silhouette of a bare tree. My style is not realistic… it never has been. I lean toward the abstract/cartoonish style. It’s just me… and I’ve even been told I am a better abstract artist that anything else.

Posted on October 26, 2011

digital snowflake


Happy hump day everyone!! And I mean hump as in wednesday = middle of the week. 2 more days to go 🙂 ! Halloween is almost here, but I found this cool snowflake maker.
Remember folding a piece of paper into a triangle and making a paper snowflake? Now you can make a digital one here. This is fun but I think I will continue to make my paper snowflakes 🙂

Posted on May 1, 2011

What to paint?


A few weeks ago I bought a canvas and new paint brushes. Its been about a year since I’ve painted anything. Now what to paint??? I can’t seem to figure out what I want to do. I seem to have the same problem when I may layouts for myself >.< go figure. I looked to etsy for some inspiration. Although some aren't paintings, they are still inspiring to me. I see it as creative caffeine! What do you think I should paint? I have a whole naked wall in our apartment... I need to fill it up! I was thinking of something more pop-art, or even abstract. Too much real-ness makes me nuts. I like looking at it, but doing it? Thats a different story. Some Etsy art that inspires me...

24x30 female nude original abstract oil painting by Aja
by @sagittariusgallery on Etsy

by @AlisaPaints on Etsy

by @AHgraFX on Etsy

by @LostWonderland on Etsy

by @Velvet Morning on Etsy

Posted on September 27, 2010

resume and portfolio


Today I re-did my portfolio on I added more examples to that portfolio and changed the layout using this amazing jQuery script. I also edited my creative example page, which only show a certain amount of the examples. They are all part of the same portfolio but is a continuation of the portfolio page I have here. You can also comment on each piece if you click on it. They will show individually as if they were a blog entry of their own.

I’ve also updated my resume, tried to go deep into the “creative resume” idea this time. Being the mac-obsessed girl that I am, some sticky notes and a screenshot were my best friend with this one. Feel free to download the pdf.

Posted on September 24, 2010

the lovely bones


The Lovely Bones movie premiered in January 2010, if you haven’t seen it, its now out on DVD. Add it to your netflix queue! I suggest it, and yes it is a sad kind of movie, but the surreal images through the movie are awesome! I don’t think its been given enough credit. Definitely very creative and pleasing to look at. The website also has some AWESOME wallpapers, the one with the tree being my favorite. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, you can still rock the wallpapers! Find them at

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