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Posted on August 11, 2011

Ken’s Movie Reviews

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Creativity I believe has been handed down to my brother and I through our genes! Well really, that is just my belief. After many years of trying to convince him to write – I helped my brother create his own movie review blog. He is very passionate about movies, and can explain things to you about the acting, the cast, the director etc… things I never thought about with movies! I just saw the movie Black Swan and I needed an explanation – my brother was the first person I called. He is very talented and notices details only a certain mind or eye could catch. He writes very well too and I think combining both of what he does well into his own outlet is a great idea. I can 100% see him being one of those insane genius directors for movies one day. Of course with any kind of art you need to put yourself out there and make yourself be known! This blog is his start – and I wanted to share it here. Follow his blog and get a special treat from yours truly 🙂 Just let me know if you do…

Ken’s Movie Reviews

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