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Posted on April 3, 2011

Goodies – just for you!


I’ve added scans to the “goodies” section. Right now there are a lot of vintage, girl magazine cut outs, and some random stuff. As I add more I’ll post updates each time I add something new. I’m hoping to create some vectors and PS brushes in the future to add to this “goodies” section. I may also have some downloadable PDFs for things you can print too. Here is a preview of some of the current scans:

If you have any ideas of something you’d like me to scan, let me know!

Posted on January 11, 2011

Vintage Lady Magazine Ads


Happy 1.11.11! I’d like to thank Web Designer Aid for including me in their 45 Girly Geeks to Follow on Twitter. And with that I decided to make this entry a girly one as well! Sometimes being a hoarder can be a bit of a good thing. I found a PILE of vintage magazines my dad had saved, many from well before the 80s when I was born. I LOVE looking at vintage design, to see not only how far we’ve come but to also laugh at the silly slogans from back then. Here are some fun *girly* ads I scanned from a 1948 Silver Screen Magazine. Who ever knew there were such thing as “Brownettes or “Liquid Liptone”. These will soon be a part of my scan site I am working on.

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