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Posted on October 12, 2011

Videos/ www

This site is a very visual way of watching music videos of your favorite musicians or bands. you can choose the genre at the top and when you hover over the picture it tells you who the artist is. If you choose them it pops up and gives you a playlist of their youtube videos. I love the way this is put together – it kind of gives the feeling that you are looking at albums covers at a distance. Anything put in a grid just makes me SMILE! 🙂 Check it out –

Posted on November 11, 2010

wedding photo collage


This September I attended my friends’ wedding. Sad they are leaving to move to Boston, I decide to make a collage for them of photos I took at their wedding. It was a beautiful September day and I took well over 100 photos. The last photo is a part of their table where they sat during the reception. Was set up with all the bridesmaids’ flower bouquets and some candles.

Photos used:

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