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Posted on December 13, 2010

Love and a Postcard

Design/ www

Speaking of in my last entry, turns out my portfolio is in today’s entry on their site! I got their email when I woke up this morning, they let me know they added my page. What a great way to wake up on a Monday! I know I’ve been really really really slow with entries lately, but I’ve been busy with projects! And those projects pay me so they get a little bit more attention 😉

About a month ago I made my own postcard to pimp out this blog (just my cool way of saying advertise). They came out pretty nice, I had them printed at They do print nice postcards with pretty UV coating and all BUT let me tell you, if you make a mistake and don’t align it right, they WON’T care, so make sure your preview of your project looks EXACTLY how you want it to! I’m going to give some of these away to whoever wants one I also had magnets made too. The magnet looks like the black side of the postcard with the words. I’m only going to give away 3 of the magnets, so if you want it email me fast! Send me your name/address and let me know if you want a postcard or both. [email protected]

Posted on December 4, 2010

Another Portfolio Layout

Design/ www

With lots of inspiration from I created my own one page portfolio. I used this Lightbox2 script. I tried a ton of different scripts and did not like any of them, I just keep going back to it. The only con that bothered me is that if used with another script, they interfere with each other and I’m not enough of a code dork to figure out why. But having more than one script wasn’t really necessary since I was trying to keep it simple anyhow. With some love of the color purple and a fun typeface I bring you this…

Posted on September 27, 2010

resume and portfolio


Today I re-did my portfolio on I added more examples to that portfolio and changed the layout using this amazing jQuery script. I also edited my creative example page, which only show a certain amount of the examples. They are all part of the same portfolio but is a continuation of the portfolio page I have here. You can also comment on each piece if you click on it. They will show individually as if they were a blog entry of their own.

I’ve also updated my resume, tried to go deep into the “creative resume” idea this time. Being the mac-obsessed girl that I am, some sticky notes and a screenshot were my best friend with this one. Feel free to download the pdf.

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