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Posted on December 13, 2010

Love and a Postcard

Design/ www

Speaking of in my last entry, turns out my portfolio is in today’s entry on their site! I got their email when I woke up this morning, they let me know they added my page. What a great way to wake up on a Monday! I know I’ve been really really really slow with entries lately, but I’ve been busy with projects! And those projects pay me so they get a little bit more attention 😉

About a month ago I made my own postcard to pimp out this blog (just my cool way of saying advertise). They came out pretty nice, I had them printed at They do print nice postcards with pretty UV coating and all BUT let me tell you, if you make a mistake and don’t align it right, they WON’T care, so make sure your preview of your project looks EXACTLY how you want it to! I’m going to give some of these away to whoever wants one I also had magnets made too. The magnet looks like the black side of the postcard with the words. I’m only going to give away 3 of the magnets, so if you want it email me fast! Send me your name/address and let me know if you want a postcard or both. [email protected]

Posted on November 23, 2010

postcard design


Recently I designed a postcard for a lawyer in NYC. He basically gave me text and left how it looked up to me. I was happy he let me have some creative freedom, some people tell you exactly what to put and I’m thinking “Well who is the artist here??”. I had a lot of fun working with him and even later meeting him. He wanted 4,000 of these made, and I order the prints too! Oh yes and I got to design them pins, which I had not done before. It was overall a great experience and here I share the digital and final product.

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