It’s Been a Year

What do you get when you cross a woman who works full time and is planning her wedding? … Someone who doesn’t blog for a whole year!! I never knew how much a wedding could consume one’s life until I had one. Although it was a wonderful day – the days, weeks, and months preceding […]

Things are Happenin

It has been a quick and busy summer!! Time really does fly and I can’t believe we’re inches away from September. I haven’t blogged much but it’s for a good cause. I’ve been busy with a ton of other things and involving myself in more crafty/creative things outside the internet. (well, kinda but instagram doesn’t […]

I’ve been away

It’s been a busy month+ for me.  I went away to the beach, a week after that I attended IRCE 2013.  I went to IRCE through work – and it was super awesome because I will always consider myself a student.  I love learning and if it were up to me I’d stay in school […]

The Wake Up Light

Getting used to the 9-5 grind is an adjustment. Especially when you first come out of college – you are all out of whack because for 4 years you never woke up and went to bed the same time everyday. That is just impossible! But you learn and adjust. Maybe you invest in a coffee […]

The Sunscreen Song

I remember I was in 8th grade when the “Sunscreen Song” came out. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that it was 14 years ago already!! It inspires me… even listening to it now. So much has changed in my life in that time but I get the same feelings when I hear […]