Posted on August 8, 2009

Change & Miami

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Well It’s been a while.  A lot longer than I wanted it to be.  A lot of change went on in my life over the past month. My dad passed away suddenly.  I put up a splash page in memory of him.  After all, I did get my *artsy* side from him. He loved to paint and draw just as much.  I miss him so much, it’s still so hard to believe but I know he’s there watching me and he will see me through all that I do. I miss you daddy, I hope you’re happy and at rest now!

I also went to Miami the end of July and got to visit the Bass Museum of Art. It was a fairly small museum (compared to NYC museums). I did enjoy it very much.  They had a small exhibit going on there, and it was comparing renaissance art to art and objects of the present.  For example, they had a refridgerator, and that represented the block that The David was made out of. Both being marble, but served different purposes.  They also had a modern David, made to look more like a store front manequin.  I thought it was hilarious!  It’s so true. Everything we have today is molded and and mass-produced.  There are no unique one of a kind things like original David.

They also had the exhibit Tiny Stories going on.  They were randomly put throughout the museum, and just 150 word stories from all different kinds of people.  Some were very funny.  In a way it kind of reminded me of Post Secret.

Overall the museum was very nice, I went on a Sunday and it was real quiet, not too crowded at all.  If you’re ever in Miami and you enjoy museums I definitely recommend it.

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