Posted on February 25, 2010

feeling complete


My blog is finally feeling like my blog now that I have a more personalized theme made. Thank you to Whitters who helped me with the coding part. I’m not too wordpress friendly yet, but I will get there.

Lately I’ve been posting a lot on Twitter just because its easy and I have a blackberry, so why not? I’ve come across quite a few artists, designers and etsy people on there. Its a lot of fun. I also just discovered the delicious plugin for firefox yesterday. I had NO idea you could add favorites from anywhere and sync it to your computer. I was hanging around the computer lab yesterday after class and noticed this guy Anthony had it on his firefox, so I asked him about it. I’m still getting used to using a mac too, so I’m still kind of a baby when it comes to the little things about a mac. Although I am sure you could do the same for a PC, I didn’t have a delicious account until a few months ago anyway. If you have a delicious account, add me to your network or whatever. I am not used to using it 100% but I will figure it out in no time I’m sure.

I’ve been working on my BFA every week since January. My show is April 12 – 16 so I’m looking forward to getting it all finished. The theme for the show is re-making old horror movie posters, as if they were made today. It is fun, but very challenging. I’ve not done a lot of work in large format and it has been a struggle, but I’ve figured out a solution. I’ll be posting what the posters look like on here eventually, but they will of course be downsized. I really just can’t wait to move forward, and get this done with. This is what I have been working up to for so long but I can’t wait to be working and starting my life!

I am also looking for other bloggers, and other artists to link in my “blogroll” and “artists” link section, so if you are interested in link exchanging please leave a comment or contact me and let me know. I’m going to attempt to blog once a week at least from this point on, now that I am living back home it will be a lot easier. I also think wordpress has an app for blackberry, so that should be good if I can figure it out 🙂

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