Posted on February 6, 2011

Artist of the Week – Richard Gallon


From London our artist of the week Richard Gallon, like myself has many interests. Photography, crafts, and design. I think for any true artist you can’t just limit yourself to just one focus, in my opinion it would make me crazy! But Richard has a love for all of them, and my favorite from his work is his photography. Although he has tons of photos on flickr, I chose my favorites from his top 25. Each photo links to the flickr page for that photo. My favorite is fire alarm. Anything weathered, aged with an old grungey look makes my eyes light up! Especially when it has text 😉 I truly think he nailed the composition beautifully as well.

Richard on his work:

When I decided to study to become a graphic artist, I took a course that allowed me to learn about both graphic design and fine art. This interest has continued throughout my work every since, and I think my most successful pieces balance these two approaches well.

The other two influences on my work are music (I am obsessed cassette tapes) and photography. I think it is the immediacy of these media is what particularly appeals, and these threads run throughout my work, too.

This year, the plan is to focus on editioned work. I am setting up an art ‘label’ (@personalsounds) to release one artwork a month, in editions of 25. Releases will include graphic works, DVDs and music, with the first release – Alta Punt Abrir, ( being a combination of all three.

Apart from that, I am based in London, love to cook, and am currently working through the boxsets of Twilight Zone and Starsky & Hutch.

Could you be “Artist of the Week”? Email me CS @ (no spaces) with a link to your portfolio or just send photos!

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