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Posted on November 30, 2011



THIS IS FUN! You can create your own beat box! Took me a moment to figure it out, but you drag the icons at the bottom to the character and each one is a different music element. I’m convinced I’m still a kid at heart, because little things like this make me very excited… I think I am going to be emailing this to my little cousins 🙂 Check it out at

Posted on October 26, 2011

digital snowflake


Happy hump day everyone!! And I mean hump as in wednesday = middle of the week. 2 more days to go 🙂 ! Halloween is almost here, but I found this cool snowflake maker.
Remember folding a piece of paper into a triangle and making a paper snowflake? Now you can make a digital one here. This is fun but I think I will continue to make my paper snowflakes 🙂

Posted on October 15, 2011

reversible doormat


I love the idea of this mat… it’s reversible! Design that can be seen either way boggles my mind a bit because I wouldn’t even know how to make it happen. But this made me laugh and I found it here.

Posted on October 5, 2011

draw a stickman!

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THIS IS AWESOME… watch your own stickman come to life. I don’t know who thought of this but I am so glad they did. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone… but this is so much fun! You have to try it out to understand 🙂 it even worked on my ipad so no flash seems to be involved!

Posted on September 25, 2011

the year of the muppets

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About 2 weeks ago I ordered this shirt from Threadless – a really awesome Muppet shirt of Kermit but when you look closely, you can see ALL the characters he is made out of. I just love it. I can’t even believe it has sold out already, well actually I can because who doesn’t love the Muppets? I think every 80’s baby can agree… The Muppets are LEGENDS. I think if you really want the shirt you can just visit the “bring em back” section and you can vote for it to be re-printed again.
I’m even more excited because a handful of known musicians got together and remade songs from the Muppets and called it The Green Album. I haven’t bought it yet, but its wishlisted. My birthday is in less than 2 months so I will just be patient!! It will also get me pumped for The new Muppet movie coming out this Thanksgiving.

The Green Album

Movie Trailer

Posted on June 28, 2011

Reasons I love the Polaroid POGO Printer

Photo/ Technology

Although I am very passionate about art and creativity, a big part of me loves technology. If its electronic, new and interesting I want to play with it! I’ve been like that since a young age (anyone remember Casio Secret Senders? I had 2!) One of my close friends had gotten a polaroid pogo printer for Christmas only to find out that it does not work with his brand new shiny iphone. BUMMER for him – Great for me! He had needed help getting it to work, (yes even my guy friends come to me for electronics help) but since we learned it doesn’t work with his phone he gave it to me! Of course I was more than happy to give it a good home.

It’s from Polaroid, they also make versions of the camera included in it, but this works through bluetooth.

I can print from my cellphone (droid 2) or from my MacBook Pro. It’s great because you send it any JPG (even if its not a photo) and within seconds you have a picture or design you can literally stick anywhere (the paper is also sticker paper). It uses ZINK – Zero Ink Technology so you don’t have to worry about ink. Although this ZINK is not perfected yet I am hopeful that it gets better with time. The colors sometimes come out a little off and occasionally I will get lines on the photos, but there are tricks and tips they give you to not have that happen.

A summary of why I love it:
1. Its small, I can print things on the go using my cell phone
2. The pictures are not only pics but STICKERS too!
3. It works with my mac (through bluetooth)
4. Doesn’t need any ink, dont need to worry about ink running out or drying up
5. I can print any .JPG with it… even some mini artworks
6. The mini paper isn’t too crazy expensive (most at-home-printers try to charge arms and legs)
7. The photo size is 2 x 3 and although it is not common, It is a lot easier to have this around when you NEED a small picture

Posted on September 14, 2010

Fun with type


These are some typefaces/fonts that I downloaded recently. Possibly you may want to download them, I usually use but if you can’t find them there, google may help. ROSEWOOD has of course been around for a while… but I just can’t seem to get sick of it. “Insaniburger with cheese” Is actually supposed to be the Burger King font I believe, but it’s actually a very nice font. I love the way the ends are curved rather than just cut off.

Do you have a favorite font? Tell me what it is!

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