Posted on May 19, 2013

The Wake Up Light

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Getting used to the 9-5 grind is an adjustment. Especially when you first come out of college – you are all out of whack because for 4 years you never woke up and went to bed the same time everyday. That is just impossible! But you learn and adjust. Maybe you invest in a coffee machine that goes off at 8am just to help get you going in the AM. But early morning hours can be really rough.

Last year I started working for a company (they make BUTTONS!) and we do a 4-day work week, which is four, 10-hour days. I have to wake up around 5:30am. Well I will say 4 DAY work weeks are the BEST EVER. I love having Friday off!! And I get to beat the morning traffic to work since I leave so early. The toughest part is waking up – especially on those dark winter mornings. Luckily, Bryan noted my bad habit of pressing snooze 356 times so he bought me this “Wake Up Light” to help. At first I wasn’t so sure – “yeah right NOTHING will help me unless you give me breakfast in bed!”.  I’ve been using it for about 8 months now and it does help VERY MUCH. A half hour before your alarm is set to go off the light gradually gets brighter and brighter – like your very own sunrise. You can set the brightness yourself. Sometimes I even wake up before the alarm even goes off – the light wakes me up.


I think many may not realize but those annoying alarms that sound like sirens on steroids do not help. Sure they will wake you up – but you will start your day in a bad mood. And NO ONE wants that. It will just snowball into a bad day, and I’d rather wake up happy. This clock/lamp has 3 options if I remember correctly, one is a chime-like sound, another is birds chirping and the other is an FM Radio station of your choice. I use the chimes, I found that the birds chirping kind of confused me a bit when I was waking up.

All in all this lamp is great, a little pricey, I know. I’m sure most people would just rather use their phone. But it’s so worth it especially if you are waking up so early. The other plus is you can use it as a regular lamp, and its not so obnoxiously bright that it will disturb someone sleeping next to you. It’s a soft kind of light. It also doesn’t just shut off, when you turn it on manually it has this gradual fade on and off. Which is kind of cool. I like that.  Bryan purchased the wake up light for me on Amazon.  Shipping is free too so I don’t think you’d beat that.  The price has gone down about $18 dollars since he purchased it.


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