Posted on July 5, 2013

I’ve been away

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It’s been a busy month+ for me.  I went away to the beach, a week after that I attended IRCE 2013.  I went to IRCE through work – and it was super awesome because I will always consider myself a student.  I love learning and if it were up to me I’d stay in school forever. I was really nervous to basically travel on my own but it was definitely worth it. I learned so much about the internet, and how to think in new ways as a web designer and internet retailer. I met so many great people and learned about new companies out there… that I never would have thought to “google”. It made me realize how wonderful the internet really is!  I was also fortunate enough to see some of the beautiful city of Chicago:


Chicago Sunset
Cloud Gate Skyline


Cloud Gate Selfie 2

Cloud Gate Selfie

Me taking a “Selfie” in the Cloud Gate. Lol. (yes I had way too much fun with that)


When I returned from Chicago… I did a street fair to sell my jewelry… It was not as successful as I would have liked but it got my name out there. Now I have a craft fair another street fair lined up for this year. I’m hoping to do more… I just need to find them. I have about a dozen new post earrings listed on my etsy shop as well.

Street Fair

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