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Posted on September 7, 2011

Inkling – I want one!

Art/ Technology

There is a new tool out by Wacom – WOW do I wish I had this in college! I have a tendency to draw things, take pictures with my cell phone and then trace it in illustrator. (Yes I am too lazy to even get up and scan them) This saves a lot of steps. I would really love to try it out and see how well it works. If you have any experience with this let me know. I would love to see it in action and possibly share it here. They will be available mid-september so keep checking the Wacom site for more updates.

Posted on June 28, 2011

Reasons I love the Polaroid POGO Printer

Photo/ Technology

Although I am very passionate about art and creativity, a big part of me loves technology. If its electronic, new and interesting I want to play with it! I’ve been like that since a young age (anyone remember Casio Secret Senders? I had 2!) One of my close friends had gotten a polaroid pogo printer for Christmas only to find out that it does not work with his brand new shiny iphone. BUMMER for him – Great for me! He had needed help getting it to work, (yes even my guy friends come to me for electronics help) but since we learned it doesn’t work with his phone he gave it to me! Of course I was more than happy to give it a good home.

It’s from Polaroid, they also make versions of the camera included in it, but this works through bluetooth.

I can print from my cellphone (droid 2) or from my MacBook Pro. It’s great because you send it any JPG (even if its not a photo) and within seconds you have a picture or design you can literally stick anywhere (the paper is also sticker paper). It uses ZINK – Zero Ink Technology so you don’t have to worry about ink. Although this ZINK is not perfected yet I am hopeful that it gets better with time. The colors sometimes come out a little off and occasionally I will get lines on the photos, but there are tricks and tips they give you to not have that happen.

A summary of why I love it:
1. Its small, I can print things on the go using my cell phone
2. The pictures are not only pics but STICKERS too!
3. It works with my mac (through bluetooth)
4. Doesn’t need any ink, dont need to worry about ink running out or drying up
5. I can print any .JPG with it… even some mini artworks
6. The mini paper isn’t too crazy expensive (most at-home-printers try to charge arms and legs)
7. The photo size is 2 x 3 and although it is not common, It is a lot easier to have this around when you NEED a small picture

Posted on June 17, 2011

The Book Of American Types 1941

Design/ Technology



Last weekend I went to visit my mom, she lives an hour north of me in the town where I grew up. I had gone to community college starting back in 2003 and I always past this vintage shop, located in a building that used to be a barn. For years I drove by without ever stopping in, even though I had interest to. So this time when I went home for some reason I kept thinking about it — almost like it was calling me! So I decided to take a trip and FINALLY check it out after all this time.

I spent a good hour or so in there. Since I am a huge fan of collage and cutting things out I asked if they had any old books. I figured I could find something interesting and cheap enough to tear apart and use! But instead I came across a collection of old type books from the 1940s! I could not tell you how much the little kid in me wanted to jump up and down! I spoke to the man that works there he told me they belonged to a graphic designer named Murray Stein who lived and worked in New York City. Apparently he hoarded everything he owned and when he passed away his wife sold all of his work, books and supplies. I could not find any information on him but the man in the store told me he worked completely in the original style of graphic design – long before computers. And once technology started to take over the field, he decided to retire. The only thing that bugs me is the book has a sticker on it that says “Lou Kashins” and it is also written on the inside of the book too. Who knows, maybe Murray borrowed it and never gave it back to Lou. Either way, I am glad it ended up in my hands. I took some photos to share with you… this is only 1 of 3 books I came across. I will show the others in future posts.


Garamond Bold

Facing pages – Garamond Bold and Garamond Bold Italic

Goudy Cursive

Agency Gothic Regular and Open

Raleigh Gothic Condensed and Headline Gothic

This book mainly focused on the examples of type sizes. 12pt, 36pt, 72pt etc..

I took photos of the inside of this book as well…

Empire Typeface

Bernhard Tango Swash Capitals

Advertising Figures – Examples of how money should be displayed

An even smaller chart a loose single page – found within the supplement book.

Posted on October 14, 2010

Halloween Vectors & Brushes


TWO WEEKS til Halloween, have you picked out your costume yet? I’m still undecided but I have two parties to go to that weekend, so I may end up being two different things! haha 🙂 I found some more Halloween photoshop brushes and vectors for you to download from all over. Please be sure to read the artist’s terms for each download, before you use them. If you have an awesome Halloween layout for your website, show me, so I can share it here 🙂

Evil creatures – reminds me of shadows on the wall

Eyeballs and Arms vectors

Gargoyle Brushes

Halloween images – photoshop brushes

More Halloween photoshop brushes

Cute Halloween vector

Posted on September 3, 2010

My first set of icons

Design/ Technology

icon set preview

So I recently just had my blog re-designed (thank you for your help tawni) and I was searching for social network icons but I didn’t want clean shiny iphone-like icons. I searched through so many different kinds of hand drawn ones and all the sets didn’t include the icons I actually wanted. SO I made my own! Now I have it available for everyone to use. There’s only 5 icons (flickr, tumblr, twitter, aim and delicious) in the set with 2 sizes of each (32×32 and 64×64) but if you are looking for other icons please just ask, I can and will add to this set if its requested enough 🙂

The only thing I ask is if you download them and use them please leave a comment and tell me!! 🙂

download them here

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